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Manga Tensai Bakabon, by the same author of Osomatsu-kun, will win new anime this year

Fujio Akatsuka is certainly one of the most important mangakas in history, being a landmark in the comedy with his popular Osomatsu-kun, who won a new anime in recent years called Osomatsu-san, but another landmark among his works is certainly Tensai Bakabon.

Manga started in 1967 and ended in 1992 in Weekly Shounen Magazine, Tensai Bakabon is Akatsuka's biggest manga, accounting for 38 volumes, four more than Osomatsu-kun. The work has already won four animated versions, the last of which, Rerere no Tensai Bakabon, was completed in the year 2000.

The new anime will be called Shinya! Tensai Bakabon and is a production of the Pierrot + studio, extension of the Pierrot, which produced Osomatsu-san. In the technical team, the presence of Tooru Hosokawa (script of Shirokuma Cafe) in the direction and script is confirmed. In the assisted steering is Takashi Yamamoto (direction of the episodes in Durarara !! and Ben-To). The design of the character is in the hands of Takaaki Wada (animation direction in Tokyo Ghoul) and the direction of the sound is the responsibility of Hiromi Kikuta (Black Rock Shooter, Aikatsu!, Awakening, Girls!) By Avex Pictures. The anime is scheduled to debut in July.

Check out the promotional image released for the series:

Already released the main cast of voices of the anime, with the following names already confirmed:

  • Bakabon (Miyu Irino)
  • Father of Bakabon (Arata Furuta)
  • Mother of Bakabon (Noriko Hidaka)
  • Hajime (Ai Nonaka)
  • Rerere no Ojisan (Akira Ishida)
  • Honkan (Toshiyuki Morikawa)
  • Unagi-Inu (Takahiro Sakurai)

In addition to promotional art, famous authors have done arts to celebrate the launch of the new anime. The authors were Tetsuya Chiba (Ashita no Joe), Kenichi Kitami (Tsuribaka Nisshi), Mitsuru Adachi (Touch) and Rumiko Takahashi (InuYasha). The following are the commemorative arts of the authors:

Tensai Bakabon shows the story of the Bakabon family, made up entirely of idiots. The family is living up to causes, which happen mainly because of the father Bakabon, who, as "philosopher", has been questioning various things and irritating the whole city. In these adventures, his son is dragged along in the philosophical questions of his father.