W'z, original new anime of Frontier Works and GoHands for 2019

From Frontier Works and the animation studio GoHands have opened a website to reveal a new original animated television series entitled W'z that will be launched in 2019, whose target audience is women.

The anime will feature Katsumi Fukuhara in the role of Yukiya, a 14-year-old amateur DJ.

GOON TRAX will take care of the music, while DJ RENA will cooperate in the production of videos and music. Other artists that will participate in the series are:

  • acro jazz laboratories
  • Afro Soma
  • A June & J Beat X OCTOBER
  • Asuka Mochizuki
  • Avens
  • CM Smooth
  • DJ Chika a.K.a. INHERIT
  • DJ Juice
  • DJ Ryow a.K.a. Smooth Current
  • Hiroki Mizukami
  • Incise
  • Jay Lee
  • Kenichiro Nishihara
  • Kondor
  • Leehahn
  • LEMS
  • Marcus D
  • MIC B A.K.A. 73 PIKE SET
  • Nomak
  • Robert de Boron
  • Ryosuke Kojima
  • re:plus
  • Sam Ock
  • SoulChef
  • Still Caravan
  • 216Project
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