The Dragon Ball Super movie has a first trailer and will debut globally

From Bandai Namco they have shown a first trailer of the next film that will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball, currently titled Dragon Ball Super. The video was shown in a presentation of the next mobile game of the franchise and in it the producer Norihiro Hayashida confirmed that the team aspires to be released on December 14 around the world, same day that will debut in Japan.

Hayashida commented that the team has spent more than a year working on the new design of Goku, emphasizing that it was more than two decades ago that a redesign was not made at such a level of the character. Akio Iyoku, unit director in Dragon Ball, mentioned that the green aura character that can be seen briefly in the video "could be" a Saiyan.

Finally, Iyoku commented that the film will have a collaboration with the recently announced game Dragon Ball Legends for smartphones.

Akira Toriyama commented on this film:

This Dragon Ball Super film is the next story after the currently airing television anime. The story takes place after the climax of the Tournament of Power, where the fate of the universe was at stake, and the short rest that follows. It will give a few previously unwritten details about the Saiyans and Frieza, as well as a long-awaited strong opponent to overcome, and I think it will be an enjoyable story!
From 2013's Battle of Gods and the last film Resurrection 'F' to the current film, I've been carefully writing, and I've had the pleasure of drawing lots of designs and the like. I'm actually as busy as ever, but while I don't have to serialize anything I have time to think about the anime, which used to be out of my hands. (laughs) So please look forward to it!
By the way, the television anime is over for now, but Toyotarō's popular manga (five volumes out now!) is continuing. I think it will have different developments from the television anime and film, so please look forward to it. I certainly will!

The author of the original Dragon Ball manga, Akira Toriyama, will be responsible for writing the script and designing the characters. Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) will be the director, while Naohiro Shintani will be the chief animation director. The artistic direction will be in the hands of Kazuo Ogura.

How could it be otherwise, Masako Nozawa will return as the voice of Goku.

Dragon Ball Super was released in Japan in July 2015 and in the West, being available through Crunchyroll.

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