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Homecomings - Songbirds

Features title song and a coupling track.


Title: Songbirds / Homecomings
Catalog Number: LACM-14743
Release Date: Apr 25, 2018
Release Price: 1296 JPY
Media Format: CD
Published by: Lantis
Composed by: Homecomings
Arranged by: Homecomings
Performed by: Homecomings (Ayaka Tatamino, Yuki Fukutomi, Honami Fukuda, Narumi Ishida)
Lyrics by: uki Fukutomi


No tracklist found.

M-01 - Anime Film "Liz to Aoitori" Ending Theme
Composer: Homecomings
Arranger: Homecomings
Lyricist: Yuki Fukutomi [福富優樹]

Ayaka Tatamino [畳野彩加]: Guitar, Vocal
Yuki Fukutomi: Guitar
Honami Fukuda [福田穂那美]: Bass, Chorus
Narumi Ishida [石田成美]: Drums, Chorus

Recorded & Mixed by Shinya Ogino [荻野真也]
Recorded & Mixed at music studio SIMPO