Angolmois: Genko Kassen-ki: first voices and release date

The official website of the Angolmois animated television adaptation of the manga: Genko Kassen-ki by Nanahiko Takagi has revealed the first two voices of his cast and that its premiere is scheduled for next July.

The voices announced are:

Yuuki Ono as Kuchii Jinzaburo, a samurai from Kamakura who was exiled after a certain incident.

Lynn as Teruhi, daughter of the leader So Sukekuni and a woman considered very beautiful by all. In the battle he uses a bow.

The direction of the anime will be in the hands of Takayuki Kuriyama (director of episodes in Re: Creators) under the animation studio NAZ. The scripts will be put by Shogo Yasukawa (Shokugeki no Soma), while the character designs will be by Masayori Komine (director of animation in Dramatical Murder), who will also be in charge of animation direction.

The story is led by Japanese samurai who will defend Japan from the invaders of Mongolia in 1274.

The manga debuted in 2013 in the pages of the Samurai Ace of Kadokawa, translating in 2014 to the ComicWalker application of the publisher. The ninth volume compilation of the work will go on sale on March 26.

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