The movie Hibike! Euphonium: Liz to Aoi tori presents her voices and a new character

The official website of Hibike! Euphonium: Liz to Aoitori (Liz und ein Blauer Vogel), the first of the two sequels of Hibike! Euphonium that prepares Kyoto Animation, has revealed the distribution of voices of it.

The rest of the announced deal is:

  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Mizore Yoroizuka (oboe, third)
  • Nao Toyama as Nozomi Kasaki (flute, third)
  • Konomi Fujimura as Natsuki Nakagawa (eufo, third, vice president of the band)
  • Yuri Yamaoka as Yuko Yoshikawa (trumpet, third, president of the band)
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Kumiko Omae (eufo, second)
  • Ayaka Asai as Hazuki Kato (second, tuba)
  • Moe Toyota as Sapphire "Midori" Kawashima (bass, second)
  • Chika Anzai as Queen Kosaka (trumpet, second)
  • Houko Kuwashima as Satomi Niiyama
  • Yuichi Nakamura as Masahiro Hashimoto
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Noburo Taki

The film will premiere on April 21 in Japanese theaters and will tell a new story with Nozomi Kasaki and Mizore Yoroizuka, with Naoko Yamada (K-ON !, Koe no Katachi) who is in the direction of it.

The second film will tell the story of Kumiko Omae and the rest of second year students, being Tatsuya Ishihara (both seasons of Hibike! Euphonium) who will direct her.

The story of Hibike! Euphonium follows the concert band of the Kitauji Institute, which used to usually arrive at the national competition. Since they changed counsel, he has not managed to get past the Kansai tournament. Thanks to the appearance of a new counselor, students begin to improve little by little.