nonoc - star*frost Lyrics | Kanata no Astra OP

Check out, nonoc - star * frost Lyrics. Music theme of the anime Kanata no Astra.

Title: nonoc - star*frost Lyrics | Kanata no Astra OP
Album: star*frost 
Release dateAug 07, 2019
Composer: Naoki Echizenya [越前谷直樹], Fumiya Taguchi
Arranger: Naoki Echizenya, Fumiya Taguchi
Lyricist: Fumio Yasuda


"Astra Lost in Space (Anime)" Intro Theme: star*frost / nonoc


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nonoc will perform the anime's opening theme song "star*frost," while Riko Azuna will perform the ending song "Glow at the Velocity of Light."for the anime Kanata no Astra.

"Itʼs the first day of Planet Camp, and Aries Spring couldnʼt be more excited! She, along with eight other strangers, leave for Planet McPa for a weeklong excursion. Soon after they arrive, however, a mysterious orb appears and transports them into the depths of space, where they find an empty floating spaceship…"


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