Kenshi Yonezu - Umi no Yuurei Lyrics

Title: Kenshi Yonezu - Umi no Yuurei Lyrics
Album: Umi no Yuurei - Single
Release date: 2019
ComposerKenshi Yonezu 
Lyricist: Kenshi Yonezu 
Performed byKenshi Yonezu 


hoshi ga furu you ni anata ni aitai
ano toki wo wasure wa shinai
taisetsu na koto kotoba ni mada
natsu no hibi no ki ga sumu made

omoigakezu hikaru no wa
umi no yuurei


Following a rather quiet few months, popular singer/songwriter Kenshi Yonezu has revealed that he will be performing the theme song for upcoming animated feature “Kaijuu no Kodomo”. Based on the manga of the same title, “Kaijuu no Kodomo” tells the story of a particular summer vacation where protagonist Ruka meets a pair of boys named ‘Umi’ and ‘Sora’, whose strange and unique method of swimming captures the young girl’s imagination.

The theme song will be titled “Umi no Yuurei” – “Sea’s Spectre” or “Ghost of the Sea” – and was inspired by Kenshi’s own memories of reading the manga as a teenager. Of note, this is the second time that Kenshi and mangaka Daisuke Igarashi have worked together; the former provided “Number Nine” as the image song for the “Louvre No.9” exhibit, which the latter was featured in.

Though nothing about Umi no Yuurei’s release has been confirmed as of yet, you’ll be able to hear the track when the film releases in Japan on June 7th. 



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