[ALEXANDROS] - Pray Lyrics

Title: [ALEXANDROS] - Pray Lyrics
Album: Pray - Single
Release date: 2019
Composer: Yohei Kawakami 
Lyricist: Yohei Kawakami 
Performed by: [ALEXANDROS]


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Movie "Godzilla King of Monsters" Japanese version theme song

It has been decided that [ALEXANDROS] will be in charge of the Japanese version theme song of the Hollywood version "GODZILLA" latest work "Godzilla King of Monsters".

In 1954 "born" in Japan, more than 30 bottles have been produced so far, and the national icon "Godzilla" now has over 100 million people in series alone in Japan. "Godzilla King of Monsters" is released as a blockbuster movie of the world simultaneous public exhibition this year 2019 of 65 years since the birth of Godzilla.

Michael Doherty is known for his screenplays such as "X-MEN 2" and "Superman Returns" to hold a megaphone. From the previous work "GODZILLA Godzilla", followed by Akira Watanabe, who played the role of Dr. Shiro Serizawa, will appear, and Kyle Chandler of "Manchester by the Sea" who won the 89th Academy Award 2 crown, "Train · Vera Farmiga, who has appeared in the Mission, is known for representative works such as the drama "Stranger Things", Millie Bobby Brown of the Screen Dew in this work, the 90th Academy Academy Awards and four other crown awards "Shape of・ Sally Hawkins starring in "Water", Chinese actress Chang Ziyi who is familiar in Japan, and other actors have appeared.

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