Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku English Lyrics | Domestic na Kanojo OP

Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku English Lyrics | Domestic na Kanojo OP
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku English 
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku English Translate
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku English Translate Lyrics
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku Translate
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku Lyrics
Minami - Kawaki wo Ameku 
美波 - カワキヲアメク 歌詞
美波 - カワキヲアメク
Domestic na Kanojo 
Domestic na Kanojo OP
Domestic na Kanojo OP Lyrics
Domestic na Kanojo OP English Lyrics
Domestic na Kanojo Opening
Domestic na Kanojo Opening Lyrics
Domestic na Kanojo Anime Lyrics
Domestic na Kanojo Opening English Lyrics
Domestic Girlfriend
Domestic Girlfriend Anime
Domestic Girlfriend Anime Lyrics
Domestic Girlfriend Opening Lyrics
Domestic Girlfriend OP
Domestic Girlfriend OP Lyrics
Domestic Girlfriend OP English Lyrics
Album: カワキヲアメク – Single
Lyricist: Minami 
Composer: Minami 
Release date: 2019/1/30
Language: Englsih
TV Anime "Domestic Girlfriend " Opening Theme

Crying for Rain

Inexperienced, heartless (uncertain), but even so, be beautiful.

No Destiny would tie you and me.
"This alone won't be enough."
If I explain that properly, it should all work out.
Things, Money, Love, Words, I'm tired of putting myself out there.

Déjà vu, "What are you so unsatisfied with?"
"After saying all those selfish things, what more could you possibly want?"
"But yet, I don't hate this situation."

Just stop, "I'm sick of hearing those lines."
Leaving things unfinished is the one thing I hate.

Even if you say this or do that,
Even if you say you love me, or why?
It's easy if it's just for fun, but doing this for real is too absurd.
Those thoughtless words, those flimsy (weighty) words.
Just how many times are you going to repeat them?
Even if I got my hopes up for this fixed game,
Even if these phrases are nothing but quotes,
Words that get my hopes up, let's make it all taboo.
Take a hint, please don't let it rain.

"I hate talking in a roundabout way." (Feelings sluggish. Don't wanna talk.)
"Just give me the bare minimum. Just two characters."

The red butterfly, can't even send a single message.
I spread this fragile fan, because you find it more attractive that way, don't you?

If you can't answer, please leave me alone.
If you can't stop hesitating, please leave me.
The crucial words go in on ear out the other. Just let it bring you peace of mind.
If this sweet rain fell on you,
It'd make you want to hold up your umbrella wouldn't it?
Like this,
I'm glad I kept my hopes up. I closed my eyes
I wanted to change, pretending to be an adult.
Lost. Irreparable.
Now, please don't stop raining.

Copy, Paste, Delete.
Repeat. Breathe in. Breathe out.
So please,
I don't care anymore, it hurts right here (I want to stay here).

Even if you say this or do that,
Even if you say you love me, or why?
It's easy if it's just for fun, but doing this for real is too irrational.
Those thoughtless words, those weighty lies (truths),
Let's just make them all taboo.
Even if this is just a fixed game,
Even if it's just a set phrase,
I'll put an end to this habit of running away.
Take a hint, don't let it clear up.

It's raining again today.
Let's close my umbrella, and go home in the rain.

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