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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hanebado! anime tv releases the second trailer

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The official website of the animated television adaptation of the manga Hanebado! of Kosuke Hamada has revealed a second trailer of the series, which premiere is dated midnight from July 1 to July 2.

The cast previously announced:

Hitomi Ohwada as Ayano HanesakiMiyuri Shimabukuro as Nagisa Aragaki

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Kentarō Tachibana

Yuuna Mimura as Riko Izumi

Konomi Kohara as Erena Fujisawa

Mikako Komatsu as Miyako Tarōmaru

Sayaka Ohara as Uraka Hanesaki
Mariya Ise as Conny Christensen

Ai Kayano as Yuika Shiwahime

Asami Shimoda as Kaoruko Serigaya

Arisa Sakuraba as Nozomi Ishizawa

Shinpei Ezaki (Monster Strike The Movie) will be in charge of the direction of the series under the LIDEN FILMS studio, while Taku Kishimoto (Haikyu !!) will be in charge of the scripts. Satoshi Kimura (Roku of Nashi Majutsu Koshi to Akashic Records) will design the characters, being Kazuhiro Wakabayashi the sound director and Tatsuya Kato (Free !, Love Live! Sunshine !!) who composes the music.

YURiKA (Little Witch Academy, Hoseki no Kuni) will be responsible for putting the opening, while Yuiko Ohara (Hoseki no Kuni, Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san) will be the one to play the ending.


The story of the manga begins with Kentaro Tachibana, coach of the badminton team of the Kitakomachi Institute, who longs to take the team to competitions but can not because he does not have enough members. That's when he discovers Ayane Hanesaki, a girl who climbs without problems by a huge tree showing great motor abilities. Tachibana will try to get Ayano to join the team, but he will discover that the girl hates badminton.

Hamada threw the manga in the pages of the Good! Afternoon in 2013, having released its compilation volume number 12 on March 7th.